Our Specific Objectives


Supporting youth agency through

  • Effective civic engagement
  • Building capacity to young parliamentarians
  • Supporting youth livelihood through sustainable opportunities
  • Increasing youth participation on championing peace and security.

Empowering women and girls through:

  • Encouraging girls to take leadership positions
  • Empowering adolescent girls in advocating their reproductive health and rights
  • Supporting the girl child education
Media & Art

Sustaining effective art platforms through

  • Improving the livelihood of local artists and supporting the capacities of their networks.
  • Establishing a national artistic hub.
  • Developing national and international strategic artist partnership.
ICT & Innovation

Providing an inclusive innovative ecosystem through:

  • Establishing a national girls’ innovative business hub and regional spaces.
  • Supporting youth led innovative ideas.
  • Motivating young minds to leverage technology for social impact.

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