Our governance led programs seeks to contribute to increased engagement between young people and power-holders within the Tanzanian community; to support youth to become more politically informed and engaged; to inspire community conversation and support local media to effectively analyze and monitor the decisions and actions of people in power. Ultimately we aim at enhancing public engagement via platforms and mouthpiece that inspire citizen engagement, specifically young people, to participate in issues pertaining democracy, good governance and development of their community.

Our Governance & Development Projects

Serikali Yangu/ MyGov App

Serikali Yangu/My Gov is citizen-centric program that aims to empower young Tanzanians especially in the rural constituencies to tackle unemployment challenge. Through entrepreneurship and business capacity building sessions, the program help young Tanzanians to establish SACCOS groups that will solicit funds and use them as capital to start small businesses for themselves. SerikaliYangu/MyGov also helps young Tanzanians to connect with the government through constituencies’ young Members of Parliament (MPs), villages and wards officers.

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Jua Katiba / Know the Constitution

This program involves Tanzanians via a multimedia campaing platform for citizens to engage and understand the ongoing constitution processes, proposed constitution draft and entire referendum process before voting and also how to engage after voting too. This program aims to help the citizens to familiarize with their constitution by offering daily reading plan, browsable chapters and bookmarking favourite articles of the constitution.

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Mrembo is a Swahili word that means Beautiful. The Mrembo program aims to strengthen and amplify adolescents and young adults’ voices by empowering them to be advocates of their own rights and be able to claim their rights from duty bearers and community at large.Through Mrembo TV show & radio show of which the TV show will be aired at TV1 and hosted by five very talented and passionate TV presenters while the radio show which will be hosted by an extremely talented female presenter with a beautiful voice and expert ability to communicate.

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Shecodes For Change

SHE codes for change’ program aims at improve the life of the girl child by educating, inspiring and equipping high school girls between the age of 12 - 19 with the skills and tools for innovation and social change also provide resources for them to pursue opportunities in science – especially computing fields. We do so through great learning experience and pairing them with mentors and role models, and then showing them examples of what it means to work in tech, also expose them via volunteering and visit to various technological and innovative offices and business for students to understand the importance of understanding and learning technology related studies.

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#Uchaguzi2015 presents a unique and fresh opportunity to re-engage Tanzanian youth on political matters to the extent that it is undoubtedly one of the very few electoral civic education programs that is aimed at the youth on a nationwide basis and influence them to play a greater role in building Tanzania than they have traditionally.

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