Scream till they hear!

Written by EmmyRose | Posted on  18 Mar 2016.

Growing up I always found myself in trouble because of my mouth, be it because I spoke when I was not supposed to in class, or I answered my parent when I was not supposed to, or because I spoke out something I saw but was not supposed to see or say on it. My mouth always got me in trouble!

At some point I wanted to be like the silent girl in my class who never got in trouble, the Lord knows I tried but I couldn’t, in time I started to realize that I had the ability to talk and provoke something in people, I realized the power of my words and I embraced it, and looked for a way I could grow it and then I fell in love with media, I had no specific goal on which angle I was going to look out. Until this day I get a call from my sister that she was sending me contact of a ‘lady’ and she is looking for a presenter so I talk to her and see if I am fit. Then I called the ‘lady’ I had a beautiful interview and in three hours I found myself in plane heading to Dar es Salaam.

When I got to this very hot city I was excited that I was going to be on TV and I just finished my undergraduate degree and I got a Job. The first official sitting with the ‘lady’ and she explained why I was sitting in her office was to be an ambassador of Tanzanian girls, that we are going to make a movement for young girls issues that I was going a mouth piece for girls who can’t express themselves. It felt so good, I finally understood my purpose and the excitement of going on TV was not there anymore but from then I knew I had a greater purpose in life. I get to use my mouth to provoke change for young girls, and remind them of their worth.

Being a girl in Tanzania, I have faced some challenges in schools, in the way we are raised, in the streets we grow up in and even the people around us and many more girls will experience these problems if they are not addressed, I aim to do that! So one day we can reach at a point where a girl can be seen not more than a boy/man and at the same time not less, a point where a girl knows her worth and has confidence in herself, and a point where someone looks at girls and sees more than her physiology but sees the beauty in her brain.