Youth Dialogue on the New Tanzania

Tanzania Bora Initiative (TBI) in collaboration with the International Republican Institute conducted a youth dialogue with the focus theme “Youth and the New Tanzania”. The purpose of this dialogue was to speak directly to fellow youth on Tanzania after election, raise their awareness through civic education so as to understand on key civic matters and set youth agenda that will provide the basis to assess the performance of the elected leaders and hold them accountable for their actions. The event took place at the Ruaha Room, Julius Nyerere International Convention Centre, Dar es Salaam from 10am-1pm, hosting about 100 young Tanzanians from different backgrounds such as politics, media, artists/musicians, CSOs and development partners that deal with democracy and governance. Among the highlights of the discussion, young people discussed about life after election and reflected on their participation on the election in which many commented that the 2015 general election was a unique period whereby they realized for a very long time they have been not utilizing fully their engagement rights to the civic matters that includes voting, contesting for different positions and further commend the fact that there was a youth aged 21(Ruth Kitentya from ACT Party) who contested for the seat of member of parliament. This dialogue presented a unique opportunity for TBI to work directly with the youth to remind the authorities that youth will be following closely on their leadership performances and assess how their needs are being met for the whole term of their leadership, Tanzania Bora is planning to use the discussed issues in developing media content so that to continue educate youth in an informative perspective so that youth can discover more opportunities to engage themselves on the related matters, and some of the information will be reflected on the coming projects.


Launching of #UCHAGUZI2015

At New Africa Hotel. The launch brought together a vibrant audience that included among others, youth, Civil Society Organizations, renown and respected artists, popular youth figures, media and diplomatic corps. The chief guest was Amb. Mark Childress, the US Ambassador to Tanzania and Amb, Mark Green, a former US Ambassador to Tanzania and Chairperson of IRI. The launch hold a brief dialogue that was led by visionary and promising future young leaders of Tanzania, who deeply discussed the role of the Youth engagement in the forthcoming General elections and clearly set down the agenda they would want politicians to talk about as matters concerning Youth while agreeing together as Youth on Tanzania we want, that is, Tanzanian Youth dreams for their country.