We create media that inspire individuals to change for better, our media reaches our diverse community audiences through various media channels which are our TV shows, documentaries, radio shows, TV and Radio drama, educative comics, magazines and interactive websites and social media. We continue to work with mainstream media and partner in building national media capacity. We plan to work to provide support to national media houses and positively influence the way they deliver their democracy and governance based programs so that these major houses can provide trusted, accurate and balanced content and contribute to wider political accountability and participation in Tanzania.

One Voice with Angie

One Voice/Sauti moja aims at amplifying voices of ordinary Tanzanians and provide them with a platform to air social, economical and political issues of their concerns that affects their day to day lives. Hosted by a very well informed and friendly Host Angela Francis aka 'Angie' , this short TV segments aims to unite citizens and leaders together and have them use media to discuss on challenges and solutions there maybe on issues concerning Good Governance,democracy and development of the Tanzanians,specifically youth and women.

Tanzania Youth Street Voices with Kali

Tanzania Youth Street Voices "Kitaani" with a very lively, energetic host Nickson George aka 'Kali' ,who where needs be he engaged in street language that Tanzania youth understand,the show aims at providing a platform that tones down big governance,development and democracy terminologies and translate them into day to day youth relevant conversations. The segment follows various youth in their work areas and while showcasing what they do to improve their livelihood we engage them in ongoing updated democratic issues that are relevant to them and allow them to air opinions of how they would like things to be done but also how they are involving themselves in positively impacting their communities.

Young Tanzanian Journalists Mentoring

Tanzania Bora Initiative delivers a unique program for young Tanzanian journalist by training and mentoring them to provide the mainstream media industry a standard coverage of local and international coverage on democracy, good governance and development, focusing on issues that Tanzanian citizens are comcerned about, with special focus on youth and women focus. The program aims to teach young journalists new skills in handling and using media equipment, reporting and producing governance and development stories and raise their capacity to be advocates of youth and women's rights. These stories offer a unique opportunity for Tanzanian youth to share their concerns, hopes and aspirations, which can help to change ideas about youth and women's participation in governance. Our content is shared through well-established national media as well as the Tanzania Community Radio Network.