Do Cats and Crows know?

Written by Edgar Lushaju | Posted on  10 Nov.

It’s been two days since the elections happened, on 25th October 2015. I personally am enjoying the current tranquillity that is going on around town. Sure, there has been a little hustle here and there but in general it’s not the “300 Spartans” situation people had said it would be. I had earlier talked about stacking up on foods and chapatti cooking mamas, so for all those who did stack up, well, maybe we can arrange an all you can eat party or something.

I’m currently staying with friends in a remote location that will not be named, I will say though that it rhymes with Skanska, but still work at TBI, which is as easy to find as they come. So I can say I’m probably just staying at my friends for the free food and internet. Or maybe just being cautious. But I wonder…do the cats and the crows know what’s going on. Do they even have preferences, because while we are stacking up and staying in or moving away, they remain? I guess what I’m trying to say is don’t worry too much about the fuss, if everyone just chills, no one will cause nothing.