The implemented and the non-implemented

Written by Kay Kanyandula | Posted on  7 Nov.

“I believe corruption should be treated in almost the same way as you treat treason. If people cannot have confidence in their own government, if people can feel that justice can be bought, then what hope are you leaving them? The only thing they can do is to take up arms and remove that silly government. They have no other hope.” Mwalimu Julius Nyerere Governance is the process of decision making and the process by which decisions are implemented or not implemented. This is according to International development language. In this post I want to look at Tanzanian governance because it’s a few days after the elections and what better time to converse about such a topic then this. Tanzania has been plagued by corruption for so many years that people have taken it to be a part of everyday life. When we talk about governance, one must point out one of the biggest problems that has been infecting the nation. Corruption is a problem that has continued to persist right from the top posts in the nation all the way down. One of the most visible examples that I have come across has to be the traffic police. You could get away with almost anything if you have enough money and this goes both ways as they would stop you for almost nothing and ask you to pay them off to let you go. When I think of governance in this nation, it becomes hard to see how people can call governance in this nation as good. The laws that are there are seldom used and broken by law keepers and law makers first, even before the citizens’ eyes. I must ask myself now, what is good governance? Good governance is the ability to hold those who break these laws and inflict corruption on the nation accountable. The other thing has to be the right implementation of the laws, because I believe that once you hold even the smallest laws seriously such as jaywalking the rest would start to fall in place. Tanzania, for all her beauty and allure is deeply flawed when it comes to governance due to the amount of corruption. This is my view, and I would love for someone to challenge it and tell me how you think we can make this better.