Oh Snap!!

Written by Leroy Sanyi | Posted on  6 Nov.

As I made my way for the exit door, I was suddenly overtaken by the intoxicating smell of tear gas. In a matter of seconds my eyes were red with pain and confusion. Panic seized my soul; the only thing louder than the voices of screaming Tanzanians, was the scary sound of gun shots. I staggered out of the office building coughing out my lungs. The building directly in front on me was in flames, I could see people on the top floors trying to jump out of the windows. The streets filled with people, trampling over dead bodies, as we were all in confusion trying to make our way out of the city of Dar Es Salaam. I could not help but notice people still struggling to loot from provision stores. In a matter of days this beautiful city of Tanzania was almost burned down to ashes because of presidential elections disagreements. I checked my phone… no network, checked my pockets no money, I must have dropped my wallet in the confusion…oooooh Lord. ‘Lala chini lala chini’ I could hear someone screaming from behind me, as I turned around I saw a tank ready to blast. OH GOD OH GOD AAAAAAAAA!!!!! Then I got up from sleep sweating and breathing heavy. I looked at the time, 7:00am date Monday 26\10\2015. I looked out of the window, people were on the streets carrying out their day as usual, the sun was still shinning and there is still peace. Never take for granted the gift of having a peaceful nation, even as we wait for the next president, we might disagree on a few details, but there is always a way around it. My dream looked like an extract from a 007 James Bond movie but sadly that’s the reality in some countries. Peace is our responsibility lets guard it jealously.