I am a Peace ambassador

Written by Najma Juma | Posted on  1 Nov.

I was stuck for a second after seeing the long queue of people waiting to cast their vote. It was sunny and dusty, the faces of people filled with anxiety and happiness. I was a bit nervous, I did not know how to vote, I only had the theoretical guide in mind which seemed less practical until I approached the voting desk .I Patiently I stood in the line, within I felt so patriotic and exited since it was my first time to vote. Voting is a choice but at the same time a responsibility. To carry the sense of this responsibility one has to understand essence of leadership in bringing development. I really want development in different areas that affects my daily routine such as education, health, transport, and laws. When I think of these areas, I know I can only be a solution by voting for the right candidate who can lead us well in attaining development. The sense of responsibility also extends after voting, how you wait for results matters, preserving peace is an aspect of development. Without peace how can we work? How can we go to school? I believe everyone is a leader in bringing development. And hence just like I voted, I choose to be a peace ambassador for my country.