So what's next?

Written by Agape Harry | Posted on  24 Nov.

I voted for the first time this year, I felt a sense of empowerment as I was in that booth. I had this one thought that constantly ran through my head “You are deciding on what’s best for your country”. The thought really put a smile on my face, of course I was nervous, worried if am making the right choice but that’s another story for another day. This year a lot of youth voted for the first time. And for that I can say we made it, we got a chance to put our rights to use, exciting right? But even with the excitement and hype, we should also remember our duties that come with it. Yes, the duty to keep the peace in our country, as we wait for the announcement of the new leaders we should remember that these leaders come and go but we the people and our motherland Tanzania still remain. We are praised as one of the peaceful countries in Africa, as a -Tanzanian I want that reputation to remain. Let’s stick together as one country, avoid violence and misunderstandings that might lead to war and bloodshed. Mungu ibariki Africa, Mungu ibariki Tanzania.