Through Uchaguzi 2015

Written by Gwakisa mwambungu | Posted on  2 - 12 - 2012.

Walking through the path of the new leadership in Tanzania was an exciting journey. A journey full of tension, rivalry, and fear of shedding blood. A journey through the general elections to the new leadership and power. I can honestly say that it was not a smooth journey. Being amongst the few young journalists under Tanzania Bora made this journey more interesting. Working seven days a week and sacrificing time with loved ones was a tough job. But it was bearable since I was doing it for the betterment of my country. I had never vision myself on the frontline carrying civic education to my peers. But guess what? I did it. At least three tweets a day, a blog a week, and sharing other important news and updates about what is politically going on. I also got featured into a song “Tanzania Ndio Mimi” which means I am Tanzania, a patriotic song that encourages my peers to be patriotic about our country. Now the election is over and the tension is down. The fear of blood shed has faded away. The rivals are now back to friends. Things are now getting better and Tanzania is now facing changes that we need. It is like a dream coming true to see a hardworking man in power. When I turn around and look at where we came from, I get hope that we are heading to a better place. With the new leadership and faith in God, I believe that we are going to move mountains. I know that we are not yet there but I have faith that we are about to get there.