New Government, New Ways

Written by Ismail Biro | Posted on  2- 12-2015.

Elections usually produce a most singular feeling for me. The voting experience has taught me that an act of putting a tick in a box, next to a candidate’s name, is one aspect that captures a very complex set of emotions. I have come to appreciate the genuine value of having a vote at all, a right that was hard fought for and whose worth we too easily dismiss: the power to make a free choice about who represents us and who governs us is one that I often found myself discussing with Tanzanian youths, my colleagues, family and friends as well. My feelings towards the new President is growing positive each day, and after witnessing some crucial decisions instantly made to cause immediate effect. His first measure by introducing radical government cost-cutting measures has won my approval and support as a young citizen. I attest to the decision made in approaching the state dinner for the official opening of the country’s parliament which was going to cost 300m Tanzanian shillings (£92,500), instead, the President slashed the budget to 25m and ordered that the rest of the money be used to buy 300 hospital beds and 600 sheets. Another bold move was that, instead of sponsoring the annual World Aids Day exhibition, the President announced that the money budgeted for the event will be used to buy drugs for HIV patients. The new slogan “Hapa Kazi Tu” that in my perspective stands for We Serve/Work Daily is our map guide that I’m happy to refer to, and as a young person I will work hard to support his efforts to move my country forward.