How it should be.

Written by Israel Alutte | Posted on  2- 12-2015.

The choice of many prevails. This is what democracy should be, though it’s not true in different parts of the world. In Tanzania, we have a saying that goes, “The choice of many is God’s choice,” I think this is true in our case. The elections are over. In spite of differences in parties, ideologies and religion everyone is celebrating, in fact the whole of Africa is celebrating. “Hapa Kazi Tu” wasn’t just the campaign slogan to get votes but rather a walk that’s already began. The fifth President of Tanzania is setting the standards across the world if not Africa. In just three weeks in power, he has been able to not just save money for the nation but unite Tanzanians who were very sceptical of him and his party. The peace is kept, the work is done and we are moving forward. Everybody wins! This is the only way democracy should be practiced.