The role of politics in our lives

Written by Kay Kanyandula | Posted on  2- 12-2015.

Usually when we talk about politics one doesn’t see how politics is deeply rooted in everything that we do and that which is in our direct world. These elections were for me a special event. It wasn’t just choosing a leader, but also the fact that I was invested even as an observer. Coming in as the head of productions to two shows that talked about politics and tried to educate the youth allowed for several things to happen simultaneously. So this is where my personal confession comes in. I didn’t know much, if anything about politics in Tanzania. This prompted me to have to take time and read more about the content that we would be presenting on a weekly basis. In a week I had to learn about the constitution and our rights and duties and the following week I had to know the different constituencies and the young MPs that were coming. The learning process has been long and most enjoyable as I got a first-hand look at how creative the people I work with are. It’s a hell of a challenge to make the constitution something worth learning and listening to, yet week in and out we make shows that are one of a kind. I have come along a long journey with Tanzania Bora and in the upcoming years I plan to move forward with what I have learned. I learned to be a more civically engaged youth, not just in the office am I planning to use this knowledge but also in my day to day life. I plan to not shy away especially with the added knowledge I do have. I pride myself as one who loves to learn, but this is something I can take with me very far.