The eye of an ARTIST

Written by EmmyRose | Posted on  19 Feb 2016.

Anyone can look at a bitter woman and see just the bitter woman, but only an artist dares to look beyond the bitterness to find just a young girl broken by the meanness of this word. A good artist can take a broken woman and transform into a piece that makes the world yearn for brokenness, turn what was once considered to be awful into that which everyone wants to become. Art can make a broken woman whole or a whole woman broken. While others have exploited the positive endless possibilities of art, to fix that which cannot be repaired, like wars and disasters, others have tapped into the dark side of the artist’s creative mind, to destroy that which was once beautiful. Art, a ruthless force, dancing in the mind of lunatic or pacifist could be the one thing that inspires a change in the future or aid in its destruction. Be it through music, drama, dance, fashion, photography or even painting, Keep in mind that art never grows old because of its ability to see beauty in everything and create beauty from anything. That is what makes is it art and it takes a good artist to bring that into reality.