Challenge the future with FEARLESS CONFIDENCE

Written by Imani Rashid | Posted on  19 Feb 2016.

I see many people, many youth, every day! Have fantastic ideas but in the morning they forgot everything and proceed living the same life style. We are important because of how effective we live. I sometime wonder, why so many complain? STOP COMPLAINING, the world is in the person who dreams. People who don’t dream cannot be the mastery of what they want in life. Say today, I won’t let a dream GO! To everybody, every person tomorrow is new: we have to work very hard. The choice is either to work for others or to work for our self. Work for our self means work for the society. We need to think more about others. When the majority are complaining, we have to choose not to complain instead look for opportunity out of complains and try to see if we can move and take action with difference. Decide to do so many thing that can be considered as your legacy by not only the people who surround you but also the next generation.