Written by Israel Alutte | Posted on  19 Feb 2016.

Back then when he was learning computers, he would often wonder why all the letters on the screen capitalized as he was learning how to type. “Is your caps lock key on Izzy?” His teacher would inquire. “What is the caps lock key again?” Izzy was such a slow learner but never did he want his words all capitalized.

Caps Lock is one of the keys on a computer keyboard, slightly larger than most keys and it’s located on the left side of your computer. It has many uses but one of the striking functions is to literally capitalize all the letters as you are typing, and all it takes is to just press it once, and press it the second time if you want your words back to lower cases.

I wish to change the world. “This is the thought he would often share with his friends as he would see damaging things that could be changed in his society.” Families struggling to pay for their children’s school fees or people just looking for food to eat. A country with resources that don’t benefit its own people or leaders who think of the next election and not the next generation, it can all be changed.

Izzy is a passionate writer who writes about positive messages that inspire young minds to wake up and be the change they want to see in others or in their society. “Change is like a wave, it starts with ourselves then transmitted to others”, this is Izzy’s favourite quote. Just like caps lock key in the computer keyboard, when enabled it is capable of changing a multitude of other keys to upper case.

As we have the desire to change the world, we need to be loud about things that matter than things that don’t really matter. Things that make the world a better a place for everyone, a little girl in the village who walks five miles to fetch water, a young adult who struggles to get a job in the city, a young mother who can’t take her daughter to the hospital for treatment.

These are the things we need to be loud about if we want to change the world. Izzy has never wanted to have all letters upper cased but only for this one reason, “TO CHANGE THE WORLD”. Is your caps lock key on? For what purpose? What do you want to see changed?