This is the Answer

Written by Leyla Mchawe | Posted on  19 Feb 2016.

Tanzania my country is known as the cradle of humanity, the land of enormous ethnic, linguistic and cultural diversity, the country that is rich in numerous natural resources and different climates and ecosystems, but it is also known for the problem of extreme poverty, illiteracy, diseases…again and again I have been asking myself many questions such as; why are there so few results after so many inputs? What could save my country? Is there any way out? Academics, politicians, economists, philosophers, donor agencies from within and without have been elaborating theories, proposing solutions, implementing action plans, also there are a lot of policy that have been put in charge such as MKUKUTA, MKURABITA but the problems still exist, hence these gave me questions such as has this been enough? I came up with some answers such as the possibility of the community influence the decision to our government or community participation should be increased so that we the people should have a say in what going on in our country and maybe this will help in having responsible leaders and hence will achieve the development that we seek in our country and the good governance. The community should engage in constitution referendum so that we should have the constitution that we want and which is for our interest and not leader’s interest.

Thank you.