Voice Out…

Written by Mayur Nayi | Posted on  26th Feb 2016.

The loud black sheep was what she was known as. Everyone kept their distance, because anywhere she went, trouble followed right behind like a shadow. They did not fear her; she was merely a small child. No, what they feared is what she expressed so loud and with pride. She had no reason to hide, her expressions are what defined her. She broke out of what everyone was and is suffering from, the prison that holds you from expressing.

Many try to be like her but hide behind dark veils and let a glimpse of what is inside out to test the waters and see if it’s safe. But when is it ever safe? Are you allowed to expresses yourself so freely?

According to the constitution of Tanzania, every person has a freedom of opinion and expression of his/her ideas; has out right to seek, receive and, or disseminate information regardless of national boundaries; has the freedom to communicate and a freedom with protection from interference from his/her communication; has a right to be informed at all times of various important events of life and activities of the people and also of issues of importance to the society.

Being a Tanzanian citizen, you and I have the right to express, speak and communicate to bring change and life to our community and to change what seems to be a culture of silence. The fear of self-expression is a form of self-imposed slavery.

“Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter” Martin Luther King, Jr.