Written by Radhia Malla | Posted on  26th Feb 2016.

There are so many challenges girls are facing especially in a time that they really want to speak about their issues, but they don’t have the freedom to talk either in their family or in a public. This is how we can see gender equality for girls are not taken that serious. In a constitution we have a right to speak which is known as freedom of speech, young girls hardly speak out because their freedom after speech is not guaranteed. It makes girls be scared to talk and put them into hard time. E.g. when girl speak about hearth especially in women menstruation to the people and how to be clean, some people look at them and take them like a stupid. A girl can be raped but when they truly talk about it they are in trouble.

And sometime girls can have a good idea of things, but if there is no freedom of speech they can’t make it. It will be better when they are assured of their freedom after speech. There was a time I was scared to speak in front of people though I knew I have a right to do so. Am happy and comfortable now to speak anything in front of anyone by respecting them. In Africa we have a culture in some tribes that, as a girl you can’t speak anything in front of the people no matter how important it is. By making use of the opportunities that I got through volunteering in different programs, it built my confidence and help me to understand about freedom of speech. That bring me here where I am, I may not be there yet, but I am closer than I was yesterday.