It’s time

Written by Mariana Lawrence | Posted on  11 Mar 2016.

I think we can all agree that the time for complacency is long gone, has passed and belongs to another era. The silence on violence against women, children, and people with disabilities has been broken. Now is the time for stronger action. We have seen violence is done in daylight and everyone is silent because it has been taken as part of our culture. People hide their love affairs but violence is done in daylight. It is time for action when up to 70 per cent of women in some countries face physical and/or sexual violence in their lifetime. Nearly 80 albino Tanzanians have been killed since 2000.

Violence is done in our families, clans, societies and we all see it. Children are not sent to school to work in our houses, women are beaten with their husbands out in the streets, people with albinism are robed and their body parts cut off. All is done in our societies.  It is time to make all those people accountable and we should start with every one of us identifying them, enforcing the laws on them according to the human rights. Every human has a right to live as equal as any other according to the constitution. This is indicated in Tanzanian constitution of 1997, Right to equality,12-(6)e. ‘No person shall be subjected to torture or inhuman or degrading punishment or treatment.’