Equal rights instead of FLOWERS

Written by Israel Alutte | Posted on  11 Mar 2016.

Browsing through twitter is like a taboo to me. Checking what’s going on in the world, or catching to things that interests me, whether it’s new music, new movies and so forth. It’s good to be updated. Last week Tuesday was International Women’s Day and just like a norm I got home, lay on my bed and started browsing through my twitter, and read: “Equal Rights Instead of Flowers”.

I thought this was a very captivating heading for story, then, I followed the link to read more: “We went out dressed as sex workers to fight against the existing stereotypes and people coming to Ukraine as sex tourists”. This was a blog written by one of the female activists in Ukraine. It was a very saddening blog to read founding out that even in Europe some countries are still viewing women as objects of sex.

Then I realized that we haven’t started fighting these today but then we should take courage knowing that things have 

changed so much from the time we started war against all kind of oppressions.

“I have a dream” is one of the greatest speeches I have heard in my life. Basically, it was about fighting for the rights 

of black people in the United States of America. This speech was given by Martin Luther King, in 1963. This speech is

 relevant today because we still fights of our own, racial segregation is still there, perhaps not as much as it was, gender discrimination is an issue that need to be tackled.

The purpose of democracy is to set up the environment that will help us be what we want to be or change what we want changed. Whether it’s fighting against gender discrimination, racial segregation, human trafficking and so on. It helps us shape our community, the way we wrongly view things to the right way. Holding people and the leaders we have elected responsible to all that they do.

We want to reach place where our dreams align with our realities. A place where all the colours are just beautiful and 

are not used as means of classifying and segregating people. A place where men give flowers to women to appreciate

 and complement them on how powerful they are and how much they can accomplish.