You’ve got the power.

Written by Mayur Nayi | Posted on  11 Mar 2016.

What comes to mind when I Democracy? What do you think of? What do you feel? When I was first told to write about it the first things that came to my mind were freedom and slavery. Why such a sensitive thought freedom and slavery? News flash, it’s happening right in front of our eyes. So what does that say about my nation, your nation, our nation?

On one of the hottest Tuesday’s, I had left work to get some personal work done. On my way for no reason at all I started noticing things and people and their “jobs”. Have you ever just stopped and observed what’s going on around you? I know me too. But here’s what I saw.

With the sun burning his back, shirtless and bare feet he struggled to pull his wheel barrow beside the road with a load of 10 or more bricks.  Further down the road, old women with their children most of them just infants, breaking stones and piling them to one side. Their hands rough and hard and filthy their back in the same posture for hours. I could go on and on because when you’re on observation mode you kind of tend to notice well everything. Any way my point being, are they working because they have to? Do they have bosses who all they want is money at the end of the day?

Have taken the time to speak with people like that. And I’m not just talking about poor people. I mean everyone, from the guy with ton of bricks to that over worked secretary at Serena (not that there is one there who knows). Do they know what democracy means, that they hold the power to change not only their lives but impact everyone around them? Or are we just creatures of habit going about our daily lives like slaves of old who have no say?

 So to me democracy is the power of freedom you have. The ability to “CREATE CHANGE”, how you use that power, well now the ball is on your side.