We should build our Democracy

Written by Kamala Dickson | Posted on  11 Mar 2016.

The community speaks about who should be responsible for their community, before  the introduction of new governance system in the world, people had the culture of who should be their leader, example in Africa there was an existence of different types of leadership such as Mtemi, Bachwezi, Rumanyika, Kabaka and Somanguru without forgetting Mangi. During this era community was divided under small chief or kingdom and every kingdom has their way of governance, security and production. Africa was under colonialism for more than 300 years but early in 1960s most of African countries started to demand for de-colonization and the first nation to get independence was Ghana, by 1994 almost all African nations were free (Independent), but the argument was the colonizers was ready to leave their former colonies free? 1974 there was an introduction of what called structural Adjustment which aimed to reduce the size of the government and introduce priotization but most of African nations was not lady to accept it but due to the poor economic conditions and most of the products that was produced in Africa was not consumed in Africa then African economy was not strong this situation made African countries to be weak more.

The introduction of democracy in African countries was the result of poor economic system in Africa because their economy was to depend on the international richest countries to support their national budget,  Africa found itself in democracy but with nothing do with it, Democracy to Africa was compared to the funny  title of the book called How to understand the women, Because of the different characters they have and democracy in Africa context has different characters and no one can define it . The Americans and Europeans thought of their democracy should be the one that Africa must embrace but they failed to understand that we differ in political social and economic that’s why we will never be the same as theirs. Example in Africa most of elections had different outcomes example 2007 general election in Kenya, Zimbabwe election where they established new system of democracy called power sharing.

It is to early for Africa to embrace the American Democracy.