Talk For Life

Written by Angela Francis | Posted on  18 Mar 2016.

I love to talk! I think everyone around me already knows that! The beauty is what comes out through my mouth some time I don’t even know I said that!

But I love when I talk and catch people’s attentions. Most of all talk to laugh, talk to smile, talk to inspire simply talk to save!

Now, I thank God! I can use my talking passion in media and become mouth of many people trough presenting issues. I am now a presenter and love it, it give me the chance to talk to people out there but with good a course.

The show is called “Sauti Moja” means One Voice, It’s a democratic talk that connects Youth around Tanzania to discuss and understand Constitution through games. It’s cool because I got a chance to educate my fellow youth and grow together in democracy and engage more in our constitution.

I have a bigger dream, that  through being a presenter, I can change and touch someone’s life and, I want to have my own television show that just speak out to people, connecting them with family, lost friends and relatives and just bring joy to people’s lives.

I believe!

This dream of mine, one day the television show that I will create will be a talk to save people’s lives. And I can’t wait to talk more.