Be Yourself

Written by Kay Mbuya | Posted on  18 Mar 2016.

There is a clear difference between talent and ideas. According to Wikipedia, An idea is an image existing or formed in the mind. And “Talent” is Aptitude”. It went further to define Aptitude as “an innate component of a competency (the others being knowledge, understanding, learned or acquired abilities (skills).

This means talent can be hidden or not hidden. You may have the best talent but won’t use it if you don’t have the idea that it will work for your success. This is where many young people find themselves failing.

So for anyone to be able to use their talent in developing the community, they first of all need to identify their talent. Can thinking be a talent? Yes! Bill Gates had an idea way back as a student in Harvard School. He wanted to see where software is used to power computers. He identified a problem. He is a deep thinker who identified a problem. His talent is in thinking. And through thinking he dropped out of school to start a big software company. The point is be yourself and find your talent.

The mistake that many people make is trying to be someone else. If your talent is not singing, then don’t struggle singing, try finding your talent. I believe “Life is too short trying to be someone else, be yourself” and help the community. Always Reflect in the mirror. The truth is we are a bunch of Ideas and Talents. Look inwardly and see things that you do. Some people end up saying “I wish I could do this as well as you” and you say that thing I do is nothing. Then know your talent lies there. Convert that to a dream with creative wealth and become useful to yourself and the society.

Karl G. Maeser once said “Be yourself, but always your better self”. And if you better yourself, it will better the community.