Love what you do!

Written by Leyla Mchawe | Posted on  18 Mar 2016.

Up to the day before yesterday my hardest thing to find was my talent, not until when I decided to write about this, I started thinking of what is my talent. Wow! and it was  so hard, because I might have gone through most of my life being somehow fit, but I have never involve myself any kind of sport at school, never went out for jogging, never tried acting or singing, not good in telling stories or speaking in public.

Until yesterday when I decided to read peoples blog on internet and found some interesting words ‘all of us are gifted, but many people don’t notice their own talents. Either the talents are so second-nature that they go unnoticed, or people don’t consider that something they do is great’’. That is when I remembered that i loved traveling. Back in college, I used to travel a lot and because of the traveling I did, I had a lot of cool findings to tell. Travel made me like doing research because it helps me know everything that I want to know, and through my research I help people to understand things that they do not know.

I said to myself in high school that I couldn’t do football because I was too skinny. I could not become diplomat because I didn’t know how to speak in public. And now I was telling myself I couldn’t write journals or reports, just because I had never done one before. But since I started doing research I found my home, doing research makes me fill happy, alive and since I do not have to speak while doing research it made me fill free. That’s when I decided, screw it, I don’t care what it takes, I’m going to do it.

Since I decided to do what I love, I have found my space in the world, I fill like I contribute something to my community and even if I die today I will say using research I did something to my country. Moreover through writing this blog I have learnt that to have enough time to perfect your skill and to not divide your attention are two important requirements to succeed at what you do. When you dedicate almost all your time to perfecting a skill, coupled with total focus on your work, you quickly progress to become the best at what you do.

Doing the work that you like to do will fill you with other-worldly energy, you’ll feel at peace, and such work will be the best thank-you for the Creator who gave you this precious life.