Dance like no one’s looking..

Written by Agape Harry | Posted on  18 Mar 2016.

Dance like no one’s looking, 
Dance harder when they are
Dance to heal a wound, 
Dance to heal a scar.

Dance under the rain,
Dance under the sun
and when you think you can’t dance,
Just get outside and run.

Dance to the sound of the leaves, 
Dance to the song in your heart
Dance even though you know...
That your world is falling apart.

Dave Scott (Hip Hop), Laurieann Gibson (Hip Hop), Wil Da Beast (Hip Hop), Comfort Fedoke (Hip Hop), Travis Wall (Contemporary), Sonya Tayeh (Contemporary/Jazz)

Growing up into a young lady, I have watched these choreographers live my dream. They have made dance their career, they have trained hundreds of dancers and they have been able to dance with celebrities out there.

I remember staring at my screen looking at how awesome their moves were and how the music and dance routines just made them feel alive, just like how I feel when I get on the dance floor. But every time that show ended a reality hit me, dance cannot be a career in my country, at least one that is taken seriously as other forms of art. I grew up in a society where dance is just for fun, or in my parent’s words “a waste of time”.

But my dream is to see ‘dance’ a pillar in my countries economy, and I know it can if it is given a chance and if taken seriously. We could empower the youths in our society through dance, keep them occupied, and keep them off drugs and outta jail by doing something productive with their time. As a dancer I have seen how young people have made a living out of it and also made an impact or change in someone’s life.

Imagine if we had art schools like Juilliard or Skidmore here in Tanzania where as we could nurture talents and actually develop them to a standard that is recognizable worldwide. We could boost the country’s economy is ways we cannot imagine or ways we couldn’t even think of.

 I hope the government will consider and think of this, dance is more than just fun, it’s a game changer. If Dance can heal a heart, then dance can change the society.