With great power comes great responsibility.

Written by Mayur Nayi | Posted on  18 Mar 2016.

As cheesy as the title is, when the first spider man movie came out, as a kid you can imagine my excitement just to go watch it on the big screen. I mean it’s one of the biggest CGA (Computer Graphics Animation) at that time to hit the theater. So here the break down just in case you did not watch it (you’ve got to be kidding me if you haven’t just saying). So here’s this regular guy with everyday issues struggling through school and all, then all of a sudden on one fateful school trip get gets bit by a radioactive spider. He then starts realizing he has all these cool powers similar to that of a spider.

Then comes the part where you truly believe that you’re the hero in the movie and pretend to be him and do all his moves. Anyway point is he gets all these powers and his uncle who does not know his secret tells him this “With great power comes great responsibility

I thought to myself for a bit. How can I use my gifts and talents (powers) to bring a change in my community? How can you use your abilities to bring change to your community? What are you good at what do you love doing. I love graphic design, photography and music, how can I use that and is it really my responsibility to bring change?

In Dar es salaam a great number of youth have no idea how to go about loving what you do and making a career out of it. I’ll stick to design and photography for now, how many government schools teach design or photography or even just simple art. There taught just to read and write and read and write with no outlet to express themselves. Or how many youths in Dar love design and photography but work as accountants, dentists, bus drivers. How do they make what they love doing into an actual paying job?

I have a dream, here’s where I go all Mr. King on you. I have a dream where I want to have an open space where every kind of artist can come and share and teach their knowledge with less fortunate in the field and help then grow and make it doing what they love. I have a dream where artist in Dar will not hide secrets and grow themselves but grow others around them. But for now my dream is far-fetched, I need to work harder to get there but, on my way there, can’t I help my friend who love doing what I do? YES!!!

I love to teach and give advice on stuff mostly what I love doing which is design and photography, I love to work with people who just want a hands on experience on the subject. Because I believe if I teach what I know I will also lean many things in return because were never masters of our art, were never really there and can call ourselves Pros. Even the biggest pros learn something new every day.

My point is, if you have a talent, share it with your neighbor grow together build a nation together. One measure of your success will be the degree to which you build up others who work with you. While building us others, you will build up yourself. James E. Casey”