When talent meets writing..

Written by Robert Zephania | Posted on  18 Mar 2016.

I love writing to bring about positive change in the community, what is called ‘Communication for Development’ approach. When I was doing my Mass Communications course in university, I had a number of options on the table to choose my career path.

I had to choose from public relations, journalism, and international relations as they were all included in my course of study. I went for journalism but again l had to choose between print and broadcast media. My obvious choice was print media where l could let my fingers do the ‘talking for change’.

I chose print media because it’s my think and l do it with unrivaled passion and commitment as a writer compared to broadcasting which, in my opinion, is more about popularity and most practitioners have not been formally trained in the field. However, no offence to my colleagues in this profession, this is my opinion and l believe there are those who are equally passionate, committed, and love broadcasting either in radio or television.

I can proudly say that, through my writings, I have played a part in changing the lives of many youths in Tanzania today. I love what l do and will continue to do this until further notice…..