Poverty Reduction Begins With You

Written by Marianna Lawrence | Posted on  25 March.

It is so sad that there are still many Tanzanians who are living under 1 US Dollar per day which is not enough for a person to afford two meals considering most families are extended families.

Tanzania is affected by poverty all over the country; most families cannot afford three meals a day. A lot of children don’t get education up to secondary level and it’s still very poor on the primary level yet the number of students’ dropouts of school has increased so much especially among girls. We all know there are more women than men in the world and the same applies to Tanzania as women are 51% of the whole Tanzania population and most of them are poor.

In my opinion, the best way to reduce poverty in Tanzania is by empowering women. It is said that “educating a woman is educating the society.” I believe if you empower a woman you empower the society. This can be done by giving girls the chance to get educated and expose them to different economic opportunities. A woman can do anything for her family, use the little she has to serve her family hence when we empower her we are giving opportunities to families in Tanzania and hence saving the whole community from poverty.

Reduction of poverty should begin with me, you, and us.