2030 Agenda

Written by Najma Juma | Posted on  25 March.

‘’The world is facing social changes, political confusion, constitutional revisions, moral manipulation and climatic changes and so many other changes. The 2030 agenda is the tremendous efforts employed by League of Nations about the fate of the world in the next 15 years. However the local community is unaware of these strategies.’’ This was a speech from one of the African union leaders, listening to him through my phone radio. I was on my way to the office, it was Monday early in the morning, the sun was almost out, and I believe everyone was enjoying the soft harmless sunrays. I decided to take a motorbike, we call it ‘bodaboda’.They guy who was riding, told me a story about his hustles and his future plans. He wanted to own his own motorbike, the one he was riding was not his and what he was paid every day can only take care of his belly. I wondered if he knew anything about the 2030 agenda.