The Legacy

Written by Mujuni Baitani | Posted on  25 March.

In 1992, Dar es Salaam. Late Mwalimu Nyerere was invited as the guest of honour at the World Youth Meeting. During the opening Mwalimu had an outstanding speech ever and it was given a name of “The Second scramble”. He totally captured youths attention when, he explained about the Reliance (Socialism) philosophy and how the resources can be used to increase wealth and decline of poverty.

One of his quotation in his speech; “There is then ruthless competition between individual-not to get wealth to feed themselves, or to cloth themselves, or to house themselves-but to seize enough wealth to give themselves more power, more prestige than their fellows.

“That is, wealth which exceeds their real need and which will enable them to dominate other individuals. When that stage is reached, one millionaire is prepared to spend millions simply in order to destroy another millionaire.”

By that time I was young, you may wonder how I got to know all this. Frankly speaking, I have been a fan of Mwalimu Nyerere for so long. I learn a lot from his writings every day. Some said they have a dream but I self I have a vision to see Tanzania is a better place to everyone.