A Life Before Death

Written by Imani Rashid | Posted on  25 March.

I hear a call, “End poverty in all its forms everywhere” at your family, to your nation! To your continent! And to the entire world! It’s a call from the entire universe, not only individuals, Africa Unions, European Union but also the United nations. All human beings want to end poverty. It is a beautiful triumph; I also want to join the race – end poverty.  The entire world wants to by 2030, eradicate extreme poverty for all people everywhere. Do you know the statistics? It is currently measured as people living on less than $1.25 a day. This is bad! I don’t want to hear it any more.

It is surely sad when I remember, “this is life my children, choose to live happy. Live happy in your life. Do whatever you want but don’t forget to live a happier life” my mom told us, I and my kindred. Those words make me feel bad when I see those people in streets trying their best to live a happy life and yet they fail. Poverty hooks them; asking them to swallow the sun. Do you think they like poverty? No. They hate it much, but what can they do while the society is full of classes – the rich are richer and the poor are extremely poor? Is this the only life they have to live until they die? A voice in my heart often asks me. What is the genesis of Poverty? Where did it come from? Who caused it? I don’t have the exact answers but what about you too? Do you also have no answers like me? Other people like Charles Darwin in 18thC came up with the “Survival for the fittest” theory for human being existence. That means, in order for human being to live he/she have to fight for his/her existence. Can we guess that poverty started since the early time when man was created? But why does it not end? My heart asks me more questions, for how long will we end poverty, if that guess is true? Who are you poverty? I can’t figure you out.

We were born to succeed in life – that is what I believe. Not to live a poor life anyhow. But we have our beautiful natural resources yet we are extremely poor. Are our African leaders creating policies that lead us to precede living a poor life? I don’t know, yet I also want you to live a happy life before you die. May be I will suggest today, work hard and continue to stretch and stretch until you find your happy life. Let us not stay lazy anymore, let us work day and night to end poverty. We are superior to anything under the sun.