Written by Frida Ngowi | Posted on  25 March.

From the moment I got my senses, the most popular song has been poverty. I visit an aunt, she talks about the same thing, I watch the news, I see people dying of hunger and diseases, now I’m all grown but I still hear the same beat. POVERTY, POVERTY, POVERTY. Doesn’t anyone get tired of the same song? Frankly, I’ve had enough and I think it’s about time somebody did something about it. And don’t get me wrong here, by somebody I mean both you and me.

How do we play the blame game when Sharifa’s infant baby died on the way to the hospital which is located far from her place, how do we play the blame game when our people can’t afford to pay school fees for their children? How do we play the blame game when poverty is an epidemic in our society? How do we not act against ignorance? How do we not prioritize our country rather than our own selfish ambitions?

To rid ourselves of the guilt, we’ve been pointing our fingers at the state system blaming our leaders and their governance for our misery. Has anyone ever stopped to think of the role we play in composing this song? We’ve been giving the lines, tune and beat to our anthem all along. Have we ever tried to make a difference? There are people out there barely scraping a single meal the entire week while others are vacationing in Paris 12 months a year, yet we still have the audacity to point fingers.

It takes the both of us to change the lyrics to this song. Same way we composed the first anthem, then let’s use the same initiatives to make a second one. Let’s get off our lazy bottoms and initiate change, you and I. Let’s get people on their feet to dance to something fun and yet constructive.