It's Our Minds That Are Poor

Written by Robert Zephaniah | Posted on  25 March, 2016.

“Success, just like poverty, is a state of mind,” said Bryant McGill, an American author.

Yes, I am a proud Tanzanian but I must admit that many of us are faced with what I can call mental poverty. I believe that your mind will always define and depict who you are. Many factors are always attached as to why Africa is poor and might remain like this for some time to come. This is my personal opinion as to why we are poor in Tanzania;

Self-fear: Many people fear to fail which is equal to their demise. Even in the face oppression and repression by the authorities, people are afraid to speak out and stand up to the oppression. Even in our personal lives, we are not ready to take risks in some important decisions that we are supposed to make.

Contentment: Many of us in Tanzania are easily contented and become complacent with poverty. We seem to have come to terms that poverty is part of lives and cannot live us. Poverty, in my opinion is equal to corruption whereby we think they are born to stay in Africa. You can’t get rid of something that you feel bonded to.

Wickedness: Okay! l might sound awkward but it’s the reality. According to a Research Center report, 93% of Tanzanians believe in witchcraft and some other reports rank our nation high in the pecking order. In some regions, you cannot drive a beautiful car to your village and build a nice big house. You don’t go around talking about your many successes and achievement to other people and expect to be congratulated. 

Laziness: This is another phenomenon that is always attached to us which I, bizarrely, find interestingly true. Laziness is contributed by poor health, lack of purpose, low self-esteem, lack of hope, and limited options. If you are swimming in these ills my friend, you have the right to be lazy.

If you have noticed, all the above obstacles are psychological and mental perceptions that needs to change. We need to start thinking positively and see opportunities in challenges. Tanzania is arguably the most endowed country in Africa with a lot of resources such as minerals, arable land, water bodies, national parts, and a big labor force to make this nation not just a middle class economy but become a developed nation.