Zero hunger!!

Written by Emmyrose Rugemamu | Posted on  1 April, 2016.

Sounds too dreamy next to impossible, but u know what? It is possible if its starts with you and me. If 1 out 4 children in the world suffer stunted growth and in developing countries the proportions can rise. So what do you do for a child in your family to make sure they eat well? Oh maybe there no children in your family what about the street children you saw this morning as were going to work.  45% of deaths of children (which is almost half) is caused by poor nutrition. This is not a good look; it’s a call for you to make sure every child around you eats and eats well. By eating well means proper diet. I have two beautiful nieces all under 5 years of age and I took it to myself to make sure they get all required nutrition in each of their meal