Written by Angela Chizumi | Posted on  1 April, 2016.

Africa is the most blessed continent and better yet, it is blessed with a lot of resources, we have minerals, oil, tourist attractions with beautiful landscapes and on top of all we harvest food every year.

BUT surprisingly Tanzania, we are considered as one of the poorer countries and we are facing hunger in some part of the country.  

What came on my thoughts is when I read World Bank studies consistently find that about 60% of those who are hungry are female. The apparent explanation for this imbalance is that, compared to men, women more often forgot meals to feed their children.

This shows that mostly of women are the one who suffer most with hunger, I have seen this mother gesture even now days that we call the modern days women serve man first then children after that, they eat last and sometimes they don’t eat at all. In a bigger picture using this example maybe our mother country they look after their kids too much and forget to utilize the resources well in order to sustain food for our country for future generation.

We can all come to ask ourselves why hunger while we are reach and what effort are we working on to make a difference, apart on looking on the UN SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT GOALS. What our country strategy now for the future of others?.