Written by Caroline Yust | Posted on  1 April, 2016.

Death by hunger is probably the worst of all deaths. Thus, a justifiable cause to wage war against it. Hunger hasn't been taking it easy on us as every year 3.1 children in the world are dying off hunger, and 795 million are in danger as they don't have enough food to lead a healthy life.

Calling an all-out war against hunger is a necessity if we want our world to be a peaceful place. A hungry person is a desperate person, willing to take desperate measures just to quench his hunger. Hunger pushes people over the ledge, a mother who decides to be a prostitutes to feed her child, a homeless young boy who spends his day begging for people to give him some money to get something to eat. It's hurt breaking!

Let's wage war against hunger. Let's put our resources to proper use, the land that can be used to grow crops. Let's provide for the needy, it's time we put whatever we have for the benefit of our fellow human beings. The only solution for hunger is food. For our lives to continue exist we need to put food as our priority.