Written by Frida Ngowi | Posted on  1 April, 2016.

 “May you help me with anything to eat please, am starving” those were the words uttered by a little boy as he knocked the car window when I was driving back home. The boy looked very skinny and pale. I looked at that boy and felt very sad and touchy so I opened the window and gave him some cash to go buy something to eat. All that got me thinking of many other people that cannot afford to buy food for themselves which makes them stay hungry and some of them starve to death. The problem of hunger is very critical but it should also be clear that hunger is not just the scarcity of food but also the inability of individuals to obtain nutritious food. Malnutrition is also hunger as it is the condition when a person has too little or too much or imbalances of energy, proteins, vitamins and minerals in their body. It also includes under nutrition which is caused when an individual does not consume enough nutrients for healthy growth and development. All this is still a problem in our country to date.

It is very difficult to believe that large number of people could go hungry in a country that relies heavily on agriculture to sustain its economy. Agriculture accounts for a quarter of Tanzania’s GDP and at the same time almost 75 percent of Tanzanians are employed by this /that sector, yet nearly half of households in our country do not have access to adequate amount of food, while malnutrition is tremendously increasing.

However, various efforts to reduce the problem of hunger have been made, since its economy has been growing for several years and has the potential for continued growth it targets on investing in agricultural infrastructure as one of the means to radically reduce the number of hungry Tanzanians, as the country already has excellent land and water resources.