Struggles in Our Life

Written by Iman Rashid | Posted on  1 April, 2016.

When I wrote “A Life before Death” I discussed a bit about the genesis of poverty, but now I have realized that: it is because of hungry people feel are poor. Hungry, a pressure to feed our body drives our life every day to search jobs; it forces us to work hard and even to exploit others.  It is hungry which make us think of tomorrow and the future. When I was kid, I didn’t know exact the reason but that was because, I was in dilemma. Since I was young, I used to hear news, “Fight poverty.” I didn’t know but that was because there were people who were hungry.

When I grew up, I saw my Mom trying her best to make sure we get food, not to be hungry either. So, as time goes on I came to realized that we were poor, that is why our Mom could always wake up early in the morning and disappear at home. As long as she was always late to come back home I, my young brother and sisters felt hungry the whole day. And if happens we have not managed to eat to neighbors family: then we will only have only one and sometime two meals a day. I thought that may be was because our Daddy was already died. That was a true liar in my heart because, since I joined University and started to live in Dar es Salaam I realized that many people were and are still facing the same problem – hungry. I saw women in the streets, on roads, markets and on the land trying their best, as how our mom did when I was kid.

The nature of the world is a bit different. What you think, is quite different from what your fellow think. You are poor but your fellows are rich. You don’t have a house to live but your fellows are seeking new cars. And this is what I call – struggles in our life. You stretch and stretch with no ending. That is why I see you, day after day, on bus travelling to work and seek for money. Have you ever thought what for are you daily doing? My dear! It is for daily bread! You want to feed your stomach: you want not to feel hungry. How monster “hungry” is! It makes human beings struggle to fight it back. Hungry is a true enemy, let us join our hand to fight it. Let us join the 2030 agenda.