Are you Sick?

Written by Najma Juma | Posted on  8 April, 2016.

Just like the crazy jam and crowds in the dusty streets of Kariakoo, it is in some peoples mind. Every morning is another day to sweat, struggle or beg. Some are already used to this game of no fame or wealth. The focus is to save only the belly. We call them employees, but they can’t pay fees, always escaping government seers. Life to them is refreshed through movies, social media, alcohol or drugs, just to a have one paradise moment before the next morning appears. We believe they are way better than an admitted HIV patient in the hospital. But in reality they are walking dead, and this category falls to a million of Tanzanians. The world health organisation defines health as physical, spiritual and mental well being. Are we mentally healthy?

Well, I believe most are not, even the culture of complaining by young people over the government and yet remain civic unaware and idle makes me believe we are sick mentally. It is your choice to find the cure, because this can be cured only if you realize you are sick.