My last check up

Written by Emmyrose Rugemamu | Posted on  8 April, 2016.

I remember it was the first days of May in 2012 when I just got accepted to university, was when I went have a full body check because it was a requirement for the university that I had to a checkup and after that I have not done a checkup, which makes it almost 4years since I had my last check up without being sick. And many of us live like this and for some reason we never go for checkups unless we are sick.

Women die as a result of complications during and following pregnancy and childbirth some are preventable because they exist before pregnancy and if there were frequent health checkups before getting pregnant it could be treated hence deliver safely. Therefore there is a need for everyone to be aware of the importance of body checkup so as to prevent different case scenarios that are caused by poor health. As the third goal of the sustainable development goal of good healthy for people of all ages this could a first step to achieving this goal.

And hey! I am starting this month to go for regular checkups and to visit my gynecologist what are you waiting for?