Are you in good health?

Written by Robert Zephaniah | Posted on  8 April, 2016.

Not being ill, is not good health. Good health is when there is a feeling of being happy, whole and complete – physically, mentally and spiritually. Taking medicines when unwell is not being healthy. It is to prevent illness, a change in attitude towards falling ill, healing or recuperation. It includes eating the right food, taking vitamins, exercising and doing all the things which makes us feel good.

Perception of good health has changed over the years. Good health does not mean absence of illness or disease anymore; it’s more than that. It is well-being in physical, mental and social aspects.

Lifestyle today has become very hectic and thus maintaining good health has become even more important. People of all age groups and gender are required to be healthy, have a disease-free body and remain energetic. It is significant from the aspect of economic lifestyle as well.

When we are unwell, the first sign that is visible is physical appearance of being unhealthy. Hence it is critical for overall wellbeing and crucial for sustaining overall health and wellness. It encompasses the state of body to include its compositions, development, function and maintenance.

Mental health includes emotional, social and psychological health. It is very important in every stage of life, whether childhood, adolescence or adulthood. How we react to stress, relate to others, think, feel, act and make choices depends on the mental health.

Mental problems will affect mood, behavior, thinking and overall outlook towards life. These problems can be caused due to biological factors like genetics or brain chemistry, trauma, abuse and family history of mental illness. Check yourself, are you in good health?