Our strength

Written by Najma Juma | Posted on  15 April, 2016.

In the beginning of February this year, I posted a status in Facebook .It says ‘’ dress in a way that makes you feel good’’ .Well, somebody responded to me immediately, a man of course. He said‘’ yeah for sure dress what makes you feel good and morally acceptable in your society’ ‘Hmm I wondered if there is a law against what I chose to wear. Why should I think of the society when I am choosing my jeans or my top? But I did not take any offence.

Today, we are walking in the streets and seeing people in different kinds of styles and dress codes, some pass with the western style, Hindi style and some traditional African style. Well and good, it is evident that there are people who do not like western style and therefore they are not pleased with those who are affiliated with it. We are living in the society that everybody got his or her taste, choice, interest and ideas. Yet we are one. So I concluded by looking at the fact that the law is like a saw cuts in both ages. Everyone can exercise his or her freedom of choice, regardless of how the choice seems weird before the society.

Above all these differences, we make the earth beautiful in every endeavor. Diversity is our strength.