Written by Angela Chizumi | Posted on  15 April, 2016.

We all different! And that’s okay, because in our differences is what makes us unique. I have learnt this through my own family members and friends.

In my family I am always the loudest one in every possible way you could think off!

I am the loudest in talking!

I have the loudest laugh!

I listen to music in the loudest sound!

This made me be the unique person in the house and also it made me being noticed when I am not around.

Since the house will be quite!

But in all I have come to realize this as not made people to stop being close to me, rather than it made me a joker sometimes! Ha! Ha! Ha! In which is good since people laugh so as you can live longer.

I also respect my family members and friends for them being quite all the time it doesn’t make them less happy people, in fact I respect their time as well, there are moment silence is needed at a place and I need to understand not all the time I have to be loud, to compromise and agreed on our diversity is what makes us family and stronger.

Its real hard when you know you’re not comfortable at certain environment or situation but it’s more joyful, when you know just your respect for other people feelings, emotions, opinions, their religion their nationalities,  or even their tribe. And that the definition of respect for diversity, and that what’s makes us different at the same time one and unique.