Written by Emmyrose Rugemamu | Posted on  15 April, 2016.

Just imagine if we all had the same thoughts, or if we had the same view on everything, nothing was different! Just the thought of that am bored already. So I got my first job the beginning of January this year, fresh from university so excited and energetic. The first days at work I had my opinions on things which differed with some peoples opinion, and I was confused that how can people think so differently because I was seeing things from my perspective which apparently was very different from other people’s perspective. And the biggest challenge I had was to let go of what I thought was right and having agree with someone else’s, it felt like having my birth right ripped off me. But once I tried to compromise and reason with my co-workers and as they did the same its much easier to get things done. The beauty of working with different people from different places and with different backgrounds is not seeing eye to eye on different things but being able to land to one agreement to get the job done.

Some opinions usually sound really dumb, stupid and even crazy! But those are the thoughts that made Silicon Valley change the world. So I have learned to respect each and every opinion of every one even though some don’t really make sense, you might hear someone talking and you just be like what drugs is he on?!, but that’s them and when you think about it might actually make sense, so hey it doesn’t hurt to listen try to understand each opinion that way we grow every day!!