Strength Lies in Differences, Not in Similarities

Written by Leyla Mchawe | Posted on  15 April, 2016.

Am small, you’re tall, they’re in-between, we are young, they’re old, maybe fifty. They’re Hehe, they’re Haya, others they’re Chaga too, but they are all the same, like me and you. Some people are rich, some are poor, and some are fat, hey! And some are thin, it doesn’t matter the color of their skin. Some seek peace and some seek fame, although we are so different, inside we are the same, all we have to do is to respect our different traditions and beliefs, respect all hopes and dreams. We should respect diversity.


Respect for diversity is the key to survival and growth of any place. I feel that people truly want to contribute to the long-term success of their organizations and in the place where leaders have created a culture where everyone’s perspective is heard. I believe that when cultural of diversity is recognized and pleased, employees will find new ways to exploit and capitalize on the different skills, styles from different cultures. On the contrary, when employees are understood and accepted for their different cultural backgrounds and beliefs of their colleagues they are more capable of working harmoniously with their fellow staff and engaging in productive activity.