My School Days

Written by Emmyrose Rugemamu | Posted on  15 April, 2016.

Imani Primary school is the primary school I attended for my primary education it was a private school we had school buses to take us back home and it was an English medium school, my father was not the wealthiest man but he could at least afford that school which some it was an okay school and to others saw it as the best school so I would say it was a middle class school, in primary school I was conflicted on who I wanted to be professionally between being a doctor or an engineer. After finishing my primary education in the year 2008 I was accepted in a school I can dare to say one of the best schools in the country it was an expensive one, now here I saw my father strain himself just to pay the fees and in our family I have two brothers and two sisters before me and were all attending college and high school respectively. It was a challenging time for my father but he managed to pay for us I don’t remember a day I was called out because of school fees and for that I always thank God for such a father.

At this time my eyes were a little bit open on what I could be in the future not to say that I now knew what I wanted to be, what I had in mind was to be an engineer or pilot but never felt like the right place. One thing I knew for sure was that I was a good actress, I could act and I loved it did it effortlessly. The fact that acting was not seen as a professional and respected carrier broke my heart. But hey life goes on right! When I finished my secondary school education I got accepted in a university in Nairobi, Kenya where I did my undergraduate degree in accounting, yes accounting! Crazy right I think I was just exploring still trying to find a way to my dreams. I still believe that I will become an actress. All in all article 11 of the Tanzanian constitution says that every person has the right to access education, and every citizen shall be free to pursue education in the field of his choice up to the highest level according to his merits and ability. I exercised my legal right to study in areas and school by which my family was able to afford. I have never attended  a government school but from what I hear there is a problem in the teaching facilities and few teachers to accommodate the students according to the sustainable development goal number four, that aims at ensuring quality education to every child by 2030. The government can start by ensuring that government schools provide quality education so as there should be a small or no difference between education from private schools and government, even in the final exam results its evident that private school have higher grades compared to government schools.