Quality Education = Economic Prosperity

Written by Kay Mbuya | Posted on  15 April, 2016.

Jon Meade Huntsman, Jr an American politician, businessman said: “Economic prosperity and quality education for our children are inexorably linked”. That’s typically true. Every economy no matter how small needs educated people, not only just educated people but also quality education.

That’s why the highly ranked universities in the world are found in developed countries. In reality quality education is every child’s right. But most of the developing countries education is not given priority. Children in third world countries are cramped in one class, with no desks, nor stationery. Even the educators are not treated the right way. Teachers, especially the early childhood teachers are the pacesetters of the quality education.

But the question is, where did we go wrong? One is greediness. Most of our leaders are too greedy to realise that they need to make quality education a priority. Most of the public schools or government owned schools perform poorly. This is because of the condition of the schools, they are not well kept. The teachers are not paid in time, and the salaries are too low. That’s why most of the resort to finding other ways of getting money, thus they don’t give their students their best.

Instead of the leaders waiting till the election time and use education as one of the selling points in their campaigns, why don’t they be the first in making sure we have quality education? The international world is willing to help, that’s why one of the Sustainable Development Goals is Quality education. But are using these provisions? A challenge to us.